Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"


Fur buddies are so important today that they have become a part of the family. Yet, the nutritional value or the flavour of their food is never paid much heed to. Furrpy was a startup that sought to resolve this issue by introducing nutritional human-grade pet feed in a range of flavours. 
The startup approached Adnest to design its packaging in order to enter the retail market.

The market was dominated by one brand which had become synonymous with pet feed. The packaging, especially for dog feed had one recognised form prevalent in the market. 

Our approach:
Obviously, any new player had to instantly establish itself first. 
The product claimed to be ‘human grade’. This very aspect was taken into consideration to design its packaging.

The brand had two products to be launched at first – Chewies and Treats for dogs.
The chewies were contained in boxes that resembled human breakfast cereals. One of the first things a visual can depict to communicate that a dog is healthy is a shiny fur coat. Adnest’s artwork on the boxes depicted happy, healthy dogs in the same manner. 
The treats were boxed in see-through plastic cylindrical containers that resembled containers of certain snacks we eat. The colourful labels were unlike what the conventional pet-feed market was used to.

Adnest successfully created an appealing, catchy design and made the product retail-ready.