Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"

Crest Test

Crest Test specialises in developing automated test systems and solutions for circuit breaker and other switchgear testing, automotive electronics testing, motor testing, battery testing, and testing of various electronics assemblies used in metro trains and railways.
The company approached Adnest for their internal ambient branding.


The company’s set up was fairly technical, with designated workshop area, marketing department etc. Although there was ample space, the setup was quite monotonous. The nature of work in the space made it all the more mundane, for the employees as well as outsiders. 

Our approach:
For any organisation to thrive, it is necessary for its employees to be enthusiastic. Motivation is often derived from the work space. So we decided to transform the space to do the same!

Our team was infatuated with the brand’s colours! Our designers used the very colours to shape visual devices inspired by the Crest Test brand identity design. ‘Moving forward’ was the motivational concept that gave direction to the design – literally!
Various write-ups soon donned the walls to make the space a source of inspiration. At times, it narrated the company’s own success story. It served the dual purpose of keeping its employees going, while showing the outsiders its capabilities.
Adnest gave the space a beautiful makeover, with a purpose!