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Bombay Jam

Exercise creates a perception of intense vigour and commitment. Bombay Jam is a Bollywood Dance Fitness form that is fun!
When the US-based company sought to come to India in 2019, it approached Adnest for its launch campaign.


Music gets anybody grooving. It motivates. Music is one of the best things to have happened to exercise! Curating moves that fulfill workout needs and go with the rhythm is one of the best developments that came about in the fitness industry.
Over the years, many such forms have evolved. When a new form of music and dancing was introduced in the US, it was an instant hit. Before they knew it, Bombay Jam had become the rage! It was the talk of the town in the major cities of four states and soon, it was introduced in London.
But in India, every gym, dance studio, Zumba and aerobics class, not to mention all the other prevalent dance-fitness forms, used Bollywood remix music. Unlike the US, the concept wasn’t unique. The competition was too diverse.
In India, fitness had only recently become a trend. The urban crowd was divided into two extreme mindsets- those who were committed to exercising and those who just couldn’t make the time.

Our approach:
Since the music- which was Bombay Jam’s unique proposition- wasn’t a differentiating factor in the given geography, we delved into the depths of the dance fitness form. This was a form that did not just match exercise to rhythm. The curators behind Bombay Jam had managed to pick out typical Bollywood dance moves that were beyond cardio. It helped stretch, bend and more to tone the body, aid weight loss and shred muscles. Our purpose was to get people interested in it.

Our primary purpose was to establish a trainer community, because they would in turn bring in their customers. Hence, we suggested that the form be launched in different phases across the country. We began with Mumbai and Pune. For this, it was necessary to convince our potential trainers that Bombay Jam had potential.
To cater to the needs of the busy urban population’s aspirational fitness, Adnest suggested Bombay Jam to come up with a series of 10-minute dance-workout videos and called it “10x2 dance-fitness”. The launch campaign was released on social media and posts were linked to the quick fitness videos. Once the videos gained traction, workshops to train instructors were conducted in different gyms and studios across Mumbai and Pune. Certified trainers began conducting classes in different locations.

Today, Bombay Jam classes are conducted in different gyms, studios and more in Mumbai and Pune. The form is finding its crowd across the country. It is also slowly expanding to the rest of South-East Asia.

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