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Rathod Jewellers

Weddings, festive occasions, parties and more are never complete without the best adornments. Jewels not just complement attire, but are style statements in themselves. A single piece of jewellery is sometimes enough to tell the bearer’s story!
Rathod Jewellers are a celebrated name in the luxurious households of Pune. For over four decades, the establishment, driven by pure passion and love for gold, has been catering to all the traditional and modern bedazzlement needs of Punekars. Rathod Jewellers are the most sought after Gold, Jadau and Diamond craftsmen in the city.
The heritage jewellery brand has had a long-lasting relationship with us. Adnest has designed an array of communication for the esteemed brand over the years.


The Royal Insignia:
To complement the regal jewels designed by Rathod Jewellers, Adnest always had an equally grand approach to communication design. Be it the ‘High-on-Bollywood’ collection or the ‘Padmavati’ campaign, our designs elevated the luxurious sense associated with each of their creations.

When Rathod Jewellers decided to cater to their modern patrons with light, party wear pieces, we changed our ways too. The communication shifted from the regal heritage to sophisticated elegance. Themed around Christmas and New Year’s, the online and offline communication turned each abode of heritage ornaments into sparkling high-society spotlights!

When Rathod’s fame spread far and wide and they began taking their pieces of pride all over Maharashtra, our communication became the herald! The first edition of ‘Tiara’ exhibition was a big hit. The number of cities only increased in the forthcoming editions.

A transformed space:
Adnest also designed the interior and exterior of the brand’s stores with panels that said exactly what was offered. The walls now spoke of the experience that the brand offered.

Sparkling Discount:
While most people await jewellery discounts and offers during festive seasons, Rathod offered a unique discount – during monsoon! The campaign themed ‘Sparkling Discount’ announced a 100% discount on making charges. The unique offer was unveiled with an equally unique range of creative across media, where dark clouds that embodied women were adorned with alluring jewels.

Daily dose of charm:
Social media handles of the brand were employed by Adnest to showcase the ethereal embellishments the brand offered. From silhouettes to elements of nature, different concepts were employed apart from the occasional models to demonstrate the beauty of each unique piece. These included festive occasions like Akshaya Tritiya, Diwali, Navratri, Rakshabandhan and more.