Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"


Frendo (previously Genie Delivers) is a hyper-local delivery service that helps individuals by saving time and effort in carrying out mundane chores. The pickup and delivery service aims to make life hassle-free.
Adnest designs social media creatives and other marketing collateral for Frendo.

The rebranding from Genie Delivers to Frendo did not translate into bringing the Genie Delivers customers over to Frendo. While Frendo still used basic messaging applications to place orders, Pune was being introduced to hyper-local delivery applications that were at par with food delivery applications. Awareness was the first step.

Adnest began by building on Genie’s success. Through GIFs, videos and posts on social media handles, the exercise of creating awareness began. 
It was suggested that the service approach business and shop owners directly to influence individuals. Meanwhile, communication on social media continued to show different scenarios where the service could be used and so far how useful it had been.
Frendo soon carved itself a niche in Pune as it got cakes to its destination safely. This was continuously communicated to bring in more bakers. When the application was developed, the usage became much easier. 
Frendo now has a sizable customer base in Pune and PCMC.