Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"

Namrata Group

Namrata Group is a renowned name in the real estate world of Pune, Talegaon and Kamshet. With its range of budget homes, gated communities, luxury homes, commercial spaces and more, Namrata Group has catered to various needs and carved a niche for itself in the region. 
Aikonic, a lifestyle residence project in Talegaon, was promoted through Adnest’s series of creative campaigns.

Home buyers come with expectations. It isn’t just a space that is expected. A home is a space that caters to every need, serves every purpose, matches aspirations and fosters desires of a better life. A home is a dweller’s dream come true.
‘Tathastu’ was a campaign that told prospective home buyers that all their wishes had been fulfilled. It listed down essentials to fancies that home buyers hoped for, and said that they had been ‘blessed’ with a complete home!

The Icon
Real estate customers look at various factors before buying a house. Location, amenities, neighbourhood, proximity to various places are a few among many more. While Talegaon was an upcoming town, Aikonic was located in the city’s centre and was exemplary in every way. Everything about it was truly ‘Iconic’. And this was exactly what the campaign proclaimed.
The brochure for the project was based on the same thought as well.

Brand New
The project brought novelty to Talegaon. The lifestyle and the amenities were unlike what everybody else offered in the area before. Hence, the campaign was based on being ‘new’. Style was focused upon, keeping in mind the needs of a compact family, newly-weds and those who had just moved into town.

The neighbourhood
Yashwant Nagar is the heart of Talegaon with all convenient amenities at a walk-able distance. ATMs, schools and the Talegaon railway station being nearby were the highlight of this campaign.