Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"

Bhandari Associates

Bhandari Associates is a reputed company that has been providing spaces to suit different needs across Pune since 1985. The hallmark of their creations is the quality, design and functionality. From luxury homes to commercial spaces and institutions, the company’s creations have made their place in various significant areas of the city.
Iris, a proud project by Bhandari Associates in Wagholi, was promoted with Adnest’s creative communication.

Embrace the future!
Owing to the information technology, management and other companies that had begun to develop in the area, Central Wagholi was beginning to become home to families and working professionals. The eastern corridor of Pune was ‘coming of age’.
In the fast developing period, Adnest’s campaign depicted BA Iris as the ‘jewel of Central Wagholi’, which would go on to become the future and urged one to embrace it today.