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Bhandari Associates

Bhandari Associates is a reputed company that has been providing spaces to suit different needs across Pune since 1985. The hallmark of their creations is the quality, design and functionality. From luxury homes to commercial spaces and institutions, the company’s creations have made their place in various significant areas of the city.
Adnest designed a corporate calendar for the esteemed company for the year 2019.

People of Bhandari Associates, from the director to every employee, have deep gratitude to the city that has let them contribute to its vast landscape. Hence, it was the organisation’s wish to dedicate the calendar to a unique feature of the city.
After exploring various aspects, such as legacy businesses, talented individuals, Peth Areas and the history of army cantonments in the city, Adnest arrived at the bridges that connect various parts of the city. Some of them had existed for about a century! Hence began our journey of finding out more about these majestic structures that held the city together.
Themed ”Pune’s Bridges. Abridged”, the calendar captured picturesque views of various bridges people use every day and gave a brief history on when, how and why it was built.