Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"


Gaming is a favourite pass time and social activity for urban youngsters. Pixel Cave is a Virtual Reality Gaming arcade in Pune that offers more excitement and entertainment than your average gaming centre. With its pioneering technology, Pixel Cave is the first to offer virtual reality gaming experiences with KAT VR in India.
Adnest’s enthusiastic young team took great pleasure in designing communication for the social media handles, as well as marketing collateral for events for Pixel Cave.

Break All Bounds
This series was designed to show youngsters that they did not have to go far and try too hard to achieve the impossible. All they had to do was plug and play in Pixel Cave!
It described an almost impossible situation, only to sum up that one can break the bounds of reality with the omnidirectional KAT VR.

VR Battle Royale
There is nothing like a virtual reality gaming battle! And that is exactly was offered with India’s first VR face-off, VR Battle Royale at Pixel Cave. The 2-day event was designed, marketed and turned into a success by Adnest.
Each work of art designed for this event showed how close reality was to the virtual world and how they could be merged with VR.

Entertainment for everyone!
The gaming arcade offered different kinds of single player, multiplayer games and experiences that suited a range of interests. This variety was depicted in all forms of digital communication to capture all possible audience for the arcade.