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Cast India

Cast India is a talent facilitator that gives passion an opportunity by helping talented individuals connect with industry professionals. It also helps the glamour and film industry by training and curating industry-ready professionals who can become a part of the cast or the crew on various projects.
The digital platform also collaborates with various talent-hunt portals and programs to provide opportunity to different professions. It also initiates workshops, training classes and grooming sessions to help turn dreams into reality.
Digital communication was designed by Cast India by Adnest.

Where passion meets opportunity
Cast India is a platform that enables individuals to pursue various interests. But the scope of the wide range of opportunities could not be anticipated by those who came across the platform. In order to increase awareness, elegant depictions of many such fields, such as dance, music, acting, photography, modelling, fashion designing, make-up, hair styling and more were designed. With just a couple of descriptive, aspirational words, the visuals did all the talking to let the audience know that their interests have a chance of turning into a career with Cast India.
Apart from social media, this aspiring communication was diversified into e-mailers and personalised creative for direct messaging on platforms like Whatsapp. These were aimed at individuals who were looking for an opportunity, as well as those who had industry knowledge and were willing to help individuals looking for a way in a world blinded by the dazzle of the glamour.
Value additions, whenever Cast India collaborated with theatres, comedy clubs, photographers and talent-hunt platforms such as pageants were also communicated accordingly.
The portal’s website was also designed by Adnest.