Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"


As cities grow, urban spaces are getting more and more compact. To make space among the clutter is to truly learn to live an urban life. And it is exactly what Grespaco facilitates!
Grespaco makes multi-utility foldable furniture so that spaces can be optimized. Each piece of furniture has two to three different uses and can be folded, mounted on the wall or reduced to an insignificant size to store away when not needed.
Adnest designed marketing collateral for the startup.

Exhibition stalls
When the startup was launched in an exhibition, Adnest designed an engaging stall that introduced the unique offering of each product.

Spaces can unfold!
When the brand began collaborating with various other brands to display Grespaco products in their space, Adnest’s designs ensured that its communication brought attention to the minimal space Grespaco occupied; just like Grespaco’s multi-utility products did. The concept ‘spaces can unfold’ obviously told each viewer what the product was all about.