Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"


Beauty has become a necessity more than luxury today. Maintaining skin and hair isn’t just about looking good, but also about keeping it healthy. And that is exactly what Briller does. The salon and spa provides exquisite services that serve every individual’s unique purpose.
Adnest designed the social media communication for Briller and also designed other marketing collateral.

Briller offered an array of services. But it wasn’t the only one that offered such exclusive treatment. A city like Pune had multiple such established brands, among which Briller had to create its own identity.

Our approach:
Although Briller was located at a prime locale, it did not stand out. One could seldom spot the salon in the loud environ of restaurants, eateries, consultancies and more. Hence we began by visualising what we wanted to turn the place into! And the rest followed.

Briller means ‘to shine’ in French. Hence, we began by employing the social media handles to communicate that users of Briller get something unique – to ‘Shine Your Way’. Although they already listed down every fancy service offered, we offered something that would drive people to avail them – the reason and the benefits!
Blogs were written to be posted on various channels. They too, elaborated on particular services and the need to get them done along with their benefits. Seasonal skin and hair maintenance tips, styling according to occasions and styling according to hair type, skin type, shape of one face and more began to be included on all digital channels to create engaging content.
Unlike regular rate cards that listed down services like a Chinese restaurant’s flyer, Briller’s rate card was designed to not just list down the names of the services, but to personally talk to its reader. It explained when, why and for who a particular service is applicable.
The space was transformed according to occasions to give the festive feel when customers walked in when festive offers were announced. Briller was turned into a space that embodied the vision.