Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"


Luxury brands perceive Pune as a market with immense opportunities, finding the right time to enter it. The biggest problem faced by them though, is the time taken to connect with their ideal customer group, almost like a missing link. That link is Divikriaa

Divikriaa is the premier hosting house of Pune, one of the first if it's kind, which helps brands connect with their target group. From jewellers to automobile manufactures, the luxury section has plenty of subcategories of its own and each of these has its own customers. Divikriaa helps identify and bring these customers to events, connecting supply with demand.

Along with the PR duties, as a hosting house, Divikriaa brings certain expertise in event management, adding the subtlest touches of detail that enhance the event. 

Adnest took over the social media duties of Divikriaa, planning, designing and posting content on a weekly basis for the brand after creating the social media page from scratch. This also meant playing an active part in representing the events hosted by Divikriaa in collaboration with different clients.

Strategizing for the promotion and post promotion campaigns, along with covering the events from a social media perspective along with a print content indicates the variety of inputs and outputs provided by Adnest, as showcased in the Varuna D Jani exhibit hosted by Divikriaa in October 2019.