Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"

Genie Delivers

Genie Delivers was a hyper local delivery service, accessed by an app. It aimed to take off mundane chores off one’s daily schedule to make life happier. The pickup and delivery system aimed at making life hassle-free.


Hyper local delivery systems were just introduced to the Indian audience, in the form of food delivery services. But users were not aware that similar services that could get things done much more easily were available. The service was, in the beginning, viewed with a sceptical eye as people had a hard time trusting strangers.

Adnest began communicating for Genie Delivers on social media. Simple tasks that only took up time and space in one’s mind were portrayed. Saving precious time was emphasized upon. We slowly went on to identify the kind of users who needed the service the most. Communication was designed to attract bakers, boutique owners and corporates. 
All communication- including the phone calls greetings- had one common phrase- ‘Bolo, Kya Bhejna Hai?’. Soon, the service was a hit in Pune and PCMC!