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"New age ideas. Old school ideals"

Vibez DFA

Fitness is often associated with heavy workout and vigour. But Vibez, a Dance Fitness Academy founded by Amrita Yadav, a well-known corporate fitness consultant, aimed to change this pre-conceived notion. The brand’s approach of dance fitness encouraged dance enthusiast to elevate to become trainers and helped introduce various dance fitness forms from across the globe to Indians.
Adnest facilitated the brand’s communication through various channels.

Vibez wasn’t a dance fitness form by itself. Instead, it introduced various forms with its trainers who were well-versed with forms such as Zumba, Bombay Jam, Piloxing, Pound Fit, Power Garba, Bolly Beats, Aqua Zumba and more. While these forms gained traction through the trainers, Vibez wasn’t receiving its due recognition.

Adnest curated a communication line for Vibez that summed up the brand’s essence through all its activities – ‘Move to a better life’. Used across all communication, the line caught on and brought some attention to Vibez, the brand behind the fun sessions. The social media handles saw a shift from talking about the different forms to promoting the brand’s fitness motive. 
Corporate presentations were designed to professionally introduce the brand to various gyms, studios, corporates and more in an organised manner. 
Vibez is a well-known dance-fitness brand in Pune today.