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Desi Pride

In a world of diluted, adulterated, impure, preserved dairy products, one cannot desire the goodness of the same milk we were brought up on. A2 milk obtained from Desi Gir cows is believed to genuinely have the properties that make dairy products healthy.
Desi Pride rears Gir cows in a calm, lush farm to provide pure A2 milk and milk products to the people of Pune.
In order to spread awareness through appropriate media, Desi Pride approached Adnest.

To urban citizens, the white liquid in plastic pouches was milk. The same was true for whatever ‘butter’ and ‘ghee’ shops offered. While some did not know and most did not remember the taste of real milk, it was observed that people mostly settled for what was available. The challenge was to make people aware and convince them that the expensive A2 milk products were in reality far superior to the watered down version they were used to.
Our approach:
While the brand’s operations were on ground, an online presence was necessary to spread awareness. But it was also necessary to establish the presence in different spaces that influenced purchase. A way had to be found to connect with customers.

Adnest ran awareness campaigns on social media to organically reach out to people. The posts aimed to educate people on the health benefits of consuming A2 milk and milk products. A website was designed to communicate the brand’s philosophy, complete with details on how the cows were reared and how the products were delivered in its purest form to the customers.
Standees were designed to be placed in retail shops, to communicate the health benefits of A2 milk products. An elegant packaging for the Bilona Ghee was also designed. When the brand had a sizable customer base, greeting cards were created for festive occasions.

Our Works

Desi Pride
Desi Pride
Desi Pride