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Atvantic Electronics

Indians are very particular about the flavours they desire to savour. Especially when it comes to home-made food, Indians do not like to compromise on the taste. But the youngsters who move out of their hometowns to study or work are seldom the best cooks or have the time to prepare authentic cuisine. 
Atvantic Electronics introduced Aufla, a revolutionary one-shot-pot in India to cater to the needs of amateur cooks who crave authentic home-cooked food.
Adnest was assigned with the task to design the packaging for the electronic cooker.


Aufla offered pre-set functions that were custom made for Indian dishes. Although electronic cookers existed, this feature was rare in the Indian market. Added was the confusion between electric rice cookers and one with pre-set functions to cook complete dishes. The packaging had to clearly state the difference.

Our approach:
Aufla was a relatively new kind of product in the Indian market. The pre-set functions custom made for Indian dishes meant one could savour the taste of home-cooked food inspite of not knowing how to cook.
The same thought had to be showcased on the packaging.

Adnest designed the packaging to suit the Indian psyche. A popular Indian chef, accompanied by her authentic Indian delicacies became the highlight along with the cooker. Its pre-set functions and other such unique features were listed, along with an emphasis on the recipe book included in the pack. 
The soothing colours paired with the image of a modern-looking cooker ensured that the package stood out in the retail market.