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Tien Café

Tien is a premium café based in Pune, known for its organic soul-nourishing specialty food. With its exquisite range of salads, soups, sandwiches, pastas, sushi and beverages, the restaurant is a hotspot for healthy eaters of the city.
Tien approached Adnest to design a handout when it introduced corporate subscription plans. Tien’s social media promotions were handled by Adnest as well.

Tien offered a choice of very tasty, healthy meals, curated by the head chef himself, to help meet fitness goals. But the price was very high when compared to the not-so-healthy alternatives. Moreover, corporates often received such handouts with subscription plans. Another one of the same kind would simply get tossed out.
The social media handles did not showcase the full potential of the ambiance or the café’s food.

Our approach:
It was noticed that despite the superior quality of the food offered (yes, we all tasted it first), people seldom remembered the café. It had a niche crowd, but it was hard to convince other people who believed in fit-food that this was the best they could get around the area. The café required a unifying factor that could get more people to recognise and recall it. 
The food had to be shown differently, to portray its essence. 
To bring in more subscriptions, the corporate handout had to establish that we offered something different.

A visual device, inspired by the triangular element from the logo, was employed to design a consistent visual language.  This was extended to the restaurant’s ambiance, including the menu and other pieces placed on the table along with the social media posts. The photographs depicted food items in environs that brought their real essence out as opposed to regular food shots in fancy cutlery and backgrounds. Descriptions were subtle and the food did all the talking. 
Adnest also designed an aesthetic, soulful handout that was sure to stand out in a world of loud restaurant fliers that often exchanged hands. It pleased one’s eyes the same way Tien’s nourishing food soothed the soul. Unlike a regular flier that listed down the items on the menu, the handout spoke of fit food as a means to achieve better productivity at work.

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Tien Café
Tien Café
Tien Café