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Amrita Yadav – Pound Fitness

Amrita Yadav is a corporate fitness consultant who has introduced several fitness forms like Zumba, Yoga, Bombay Jam, Piloxing, Power Garba and more to the Indian corporate audience. She has also brought these forms to group fitness programs, fitness houses, gyms and studios across the country.
When Amrita Yadav was to introduce POUND fit in India, she consulted Adnest to design the launch campaign.


Fitness is a fairly new concept in India. While people had begun to hit the gym, other forms of fitness such as dancing and jamming weren’t very popular with the crowds. Besides, fitness was often associated with vigour and seriousness.

Our approach:
Pound, a fitness form that was created by two Californian drummers, is a high intensity workout regime that involves two drumming-like sticks. These sticks, specially designed to exercise with, throw the body off balance with each movement to create contractions and hence strengthen the system. Unlike other dance-fitness forms where one just moves to music, Pound is a form where one creates the music.
The sticks had to be the highlight of our campaign!

The drumming sticks were central to the campaign. Thanks to our innovative designers, we also had a way to depict sound on a still visual.
The teasers were designed with a visual device inspired by the shape of the sticks. The various lengths arranged side by side reminded one of the volume’s depiction on earlier televisions. It also sported commonly recognized fitness phrases as an obvious hint.
The revealers launched Pound fit on social media platforms. The introductory campaign listed down the benefits of the unique form ad revealed the cities it was launched in.