Brand Adnest endeavors on a philosophy of

"New age ideas. Old school ideals"

Smoking Ninja

Smoking paper is a commonly available product in the markets of India. Smoking Ninja, a smoking paper manufacturer from Pune, wished to enter the retail market and approached Adnest to design the packaging for the same.

Smoking paper is a product that not many people prefer to experiment with. Once used to a brand, the users rarely switch to ‘try’ out others. The industry had grown so much in recent years to offer even designed, foiled papers that the niche market was slowly beginning to accept. Consumer behavior had proved that the target audience for smoking paper would even buy pre-rolled cones which were abundantly available in the market.
In India, regulations prevent smoking allied products from being advertised. Hence, the packaging had to do all the talking. It had to stand out in the small shelves that stored anything between three to twenty different brands.

Our approach:
We began by directly talking to our target audience – the smokers! Smoking paper was slowly gaining popularity as youngsters even preferred to roll their own cigarettes over ready cigarettes. Most youngsters preferred a pack of 2-3 papers over complete packs of 30+ papers due to the fear of ‘getting caught’ at home. Early users of the paper, who depended on others to roll, preferred pre-rolled cones.
Stimulant consumers further revealed that their need is to find something visually intriguing to further envision. But in the hallucinatory state, they said, it was difficult to keep the papers in pace, which often fell out of the lose packaging.

Adnest decided to give its consumers exactly what they needed!
The packaging designed for the pack of 30+ papers displayed optical illusions. The brand’s name, Smoking Ninja, was employed to theme the optical illusions around Ninjas, who were known to be master disguisers and illusionists.
Packs of three, which were most popularly sold, were also designed. To appeal to the majority of consumers- the ‘Jugaadu’ youngsters- these packs were named ‘The Tripsy Therapy’. Adnest’s design also solved the issue of papers falling out with a simple addition to the design.